Quality Priorities


More than a decade ago, the broader kidney community came together with a bold, common mission of improving access, quality, and choice for individuals living with kidney disease, kidney failure, and transplants.

KCP has played a leading role in promoting quality care for individuals with kidney disease, kidney failure, and transplants.  To raise the bar for kidney care quality, we have engaged with policymakers on a wide variety of federal regulatory and legislative quality issues, as well as quality standards organizations such as the National Quality Forum and Measure Applications Partnership and significant and highly successful community-led voluntary programs.

Thanks to a deep collaboration with the kidney care community, individuals with kidney disease, kidney failure, and transplants are living longer, fuller lives.

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Results speak for themselves. We are proud of our work together to improve quality, access, and choice for individuals suffering from kidney disease and kidney failure. Following are a few measurable statistics from government data during the timeframes of our quality improvement programs:

Patient survival rates increased by more than


in the first year following kidney failure after transitioning onto dialysis care.
Improved care resulted in


fewer hospital admissions of ESRD patients.
Declining hospitalization rates resulted in

$0 billion

in savings for Medicare and taxpayers


Together, working with policymakers, we continue to advance policies that improve research and innovations, coordinated care, choice, and access. We’re just getting started.  Learn more about some of our quality programs below.

The Performance, Excellence, and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) Campaign

Strategic Quality Blueprint

Kidney Care Quality Alliance

National Quality Forum

Quality Incentive Program

CMS Five-Star Program

Patient-Reported Outcomes for End-Stage Renal Disease: A Framework for Priorities and Measurement