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Kidney Care Partners releases new blueprint to prioritize kidney care

June 19, 2019

Advocacy group Kidney Care Partners has released a new plan outlining its vision for the future of kidney care in the United States.

The organization said Kidney Care First: A Framework for Improving Renal Disease Support & Treatment is a blueprint for care that addresses the kidney disease cycle — from prevention to transplant.

“The kidney care community has a long history of challenging ourselves to do better, and this roadmap is evidence that we won’t rest as long as kidney disease and failure continue to grow – and burden the lives of Americans, as well as the nation’s health care infrastructure,” Allen R. Nissenson, MD, chair of Kidney Care Partners (KCP) said in a press release. “We’re confident that the goals laid out in Kidney Care First – after more than a year of development by leading stakeholders in the kidney community – will help empower patients, improve care quality, delay or prevent disease, and strengthen the existing care network that so many Americans depend upon.”

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