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Kidney Care Partners (KCP) was founded in May of 2003 as a coalition of patient advocates, dialysis professionals, care providers, researchers, and manufacturers dedicated to working together to improve quality of care for individuals living with kidney diseases.


More than 88K Americans are currently waiting for a kidney transplant.

Nearly 500K Americans are currently on dialysis.

More than 700K Americans are living with kidney failure (ESRD).

More than 124K Americans are diagnosed with kidney failure each year.

More than 30M Americans are living with chronic kidney disease.


Kidney Community Commends Bipartisan Congressional Effort to Support Private-Public “KidneyX” Partnership to Address Nation’s Growing Kidney Disease Epidemic

Letter to House Appropriations Committee Leaders Calls for $25 Million in Public Matching Funds to Support KidneyX to Boost Investment in Kidney Disease Research and Innovation WASHINGTON, DC – Kidney Care Partners (KCP) – the nation’s leading kidney care multi-stakeholder coalition, representing patient advocates, physician organizations, health professional groups, dialysis providers, researchers and manufacturers –…

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The Hill

Congress, the administration, and kidney care community must further improve care for 30 million Americans

March is National Kidney Month, a perfect time to reflect on the progress made in kidney care and efforts to advance that success to the next level. The challenge facing individuals with kidney diseases requires a united effort from Congress, the Administration, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the kidney care community. Fortunately, the…

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NEW DATA ANALYSIS: Improved Dialysis Care Nationwide Leads to Healthier Patients, Reduced Hospital Admissions, and More Savings for Medicare

During National Kidney Month, the kidney care community celebrates improved care and how resultant reductions in healthcare utilization are benefitting both individuals with kidney failure and taxpayers MARCH 18, 2019 (Washington, D.C.) – Sustained improvements in dialysis care nationwide are keeping patients healthier and out of hospitals, a positive trend that is generating billions of…

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