Pastor Terry Brooks

Pastor Terry Brooks is not your average dialysis patient. Diagnosed with kidney failure in 1988 while serving in the United States Army, Pastor Brooks is medically retired from the military and has spent the last twenty years maintaining his kidney function while remaining active within his community.

Pastor Terry Brooks

Despite his routine dialysis treatments three times a week at Central Florida Kidney Center, he remains a vibrant and energetic leader in his community. Not only is he the pastor of A Voice in the Wilderness Ministry – a church located in Orlando, but he also is the proud father of three children – two of whom he welcomed into the world while on dialysis.

Pastor Brooks uses his own life experiences when preparing his sermons; sharing a message that all people can achieve what God has called them to do, in spite of the challenges and obstacles put in their way. He continues to be an example to his members and his community that with faith and hard work, all things are possible. Pastor Brooks explains, “Life does not stop at dialysis, you just have to make adjustments and slow down a little.”

Pastor Brooks was raised in Groveland, Florida,approximately 50 miles outside Orlando. After joining the Armed Forces in 1979, he was stationed in multiple locations including Schweinfurt Germany; Fort Bragg North Carolina; and Fort Stewart Georgia. While serving his second tour in Schweinfurt Germany, Pastor Brooks become ill and after extensive bloodwork was diagnosed with End State Renal Disease (ESRD), or chronic kidney failure.

He was relocated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC to receive treatment for his kidney condition, where he met his wife of 18 years, Marcia. They spent 5 years in the Washington, DC area before returning to Florida, where they now live with their two children, Anthony, 15, and Samantha, 5. Pastor Brooks also has an adult daughter, Latasha, who resides in Hinesville, Georgia.

Pastor Brooks completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Theology from the Institute of Theology and Ministry Training, Orlando Fl. in 2004, graduating with honors. After completing his degree, he founded A Voice in the Wilderness Ministry, a church located in Orlando.

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